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Announcing A New Blogging Relationship with Forbes

A few weeks ago, I posted an update on my blogging activities that explained why I was blogging less here. That post also promised some additional news in the near future about a new blogging relationship.

I am happy to announce that I am now a Contributing Writer to Forbes. I will be starting a new blog there next week, called Networked Business.

Neither the term ‘networked business’, nor the concepts behind it are new. However, much of the previous work on the topic has been done in academic circles. My new blog will attempt to free the subject from the ivory towers in which it has been imprisoned, so more people will be familiar with, and have active discussions about, networked business.

I will post a link to the new blog here when I have finished configuring the site and published the first post. I will also link to the next few posts as they are published. Unfortunately, my legal agreement with Forbes prohibits cross-posting of content for several days, so I will not be replicating my complete Networked Business posts here. I hope you will choose to subscribe to that blog after you’ve read a post or two.

This blog was my first, and I started it as much (perhaps more) for me than for you, its readers. It has been a good place for me to express thoughts on collaboration and content sharing, but never achieved the readership that I had hoped for to create either the volume or diversity of feedback desired on those ideas. I expect that the Forbes brand will help solve that issue by drawing a significantly higher volume of traffic to my new blog there.

I do intend to continue blogging here, but only sporadically. I will, of course, promote those posts via social media, so you can become aware of them as they are published. However, most of my blogging activity will be on the Forbes site and on the Dow Brook Advisory Services blog, so please be sure to subscribe to those.

Let me close by saying ‘Thank You’ to everyone that has ever read a post on this blog and by giving an especially heart-felt thanks to anyone who has commented on a post here. I hope you will come back when there is fresh content.