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Where Is Larry?

I realize that it has been quite a while since I’ve posted on this blog and many of you may be wondering why. I have been publishing my thoughts on my business’ site instead, concentrating on collaboration- and content-related topics that will increase the audience there and help grow the business. Please explore and subscribe to Meanders: The Dow Brook Blog, so you may read it in your favorite RSS reader.

I intend to continue to blogging here, at Together, We Can!, but only sporadically. I will soon be announcing a major blogging relationship, which will, almost entirely, replace my former activity here. I am very excited at the incredible visibility and credibility that this partnership will provide to my thoughts and personal brand. I hope that you will read my posts on that site, once the relationship is contractually completed. Stay tuned for more details.


Dow Brook Publishes Free White Paper on Simplifying Content Sharing

Dow Brook Advisory Services has published a new white paper, titled Sharing Simplified: Consolidating Multiple File Sharing Technologies. The paper, authored by Larry Hawes, examines an issue with which nearly every company struggles – sharing files within the organization and with external constituents.

Traditional Enterprise Content Management technologies have controlled content at the expense of making it easily shareable. Groupware technologies address the issue, but limit document sharing to members of closed groups within the organization. As a result, many businesses turn to other technologies and methods to facilitate file sharing, including File Transfer Protocol and Managed File Transfer systems, email, CDs and DVDs, and, most recently, enterprise social software.

Most organizations have multiple file transfer technologies and methods in place. Some are sanctioned by the IT department, but others have been procured or developed by business units and individuals, often without the knowledge of, much less approval from, the IT staff. The result is organizations wasting time and money building, buying, using, and supporting multiple, ineffective file transfer technologies.

Dow Brook’s white paper examines this issue in detail, educates about the characteristics of an ideal content sharing solution, and presents a case study that demonstrates the benefits that organizations may receive by consolidating file sharing technologies. The white paper may be previewed and downloaded below. Please share your comments here, or on SlideShare, after reading it.

Farewell and Onward

Last Friday was my final day on the analyst roster at Gilbane Group. My parting was voluntary, amicable, and done after much thought. I will always be grateful to Frank Gilbane for providing the opportunity to return to the analyst role and rebuild my public reputation as a thinker and problem solver. I anticipate that I will continue to be involved, in some manner, with the Gilbane conferences, which are structured as a separate legal entity from Gilbane’s research and consulting business now owned by Outsell, Inc.

I have chosen to leave Gilbane in order to better take advantage of the work opportunities that are presenting themselves with increasing frequency. In the days ahead, I will continue and build upon the advisory work that I have been doing since April through my own business, Dow Brook Advisory Services. The mission and business model underlying Dow Brook are quite different from Gilbane’s. In fact, I believe that Dow Brook’s subscription advisory service is a better way to serve companies that create and sell enterprise software than are the offerings of most established analyst firms. Time will tell…

There are several other business opportunities swirling about as well, including part-time and contract research and consulting projects. I am also open to any exceptional offers of full-time employment. I intend to give it my all as an independent analyst, but will remain open to any and all career possibilities.

In the short-term, you will probably not notice any changes. I will still be tweeting, blogging, etc. as I have for the last two years. I will still engage all of you to share, learn, and work together. The only real difference is that it will be done under the Dow Brook brand, as well as my name.

So here’s a toast to the past and one to the future! I am looking forward to making the future together with you. Cheers!