Crowdsourcing Mobile Content Collaboration Use Cases

I’m getting ready for a session that I will be co-delivering at the AIIM Info360 conference next week and could use your help. Please answer the question below by writing and submitting a comment to this post. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

What use cases exist in your organization for mobile, content-centric collaboration? In other words, when and how do/would you, your colleagues, and external constituents (business partners, customers) use mobile computing devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops) to collaboratively create, review, edit, and approve new content. Equally importantly, when and how do/would you share existing content via mobile devices?


2 responses to “Crowdsourcing Mobile Content Collaboration Use Cases

  1. Kevin Appareti

    Customer facing clinical specialists interacting in real-time with customer questions on control settings, protocols, resource materials, etc… Having you colleagues avaialble real-time to answer customer qustions and provide valuable content is very helpful.

  2. Thank you, Kevin! I appreciate your input. Is this a current use case that you have supported with technology? If so, can you share the technology used and benefits realized (or expected)? Thanks!

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