Sharing, Markets, and People at Defrag


Defrag will be taking place November 11-12, in Denver. The conference is unusual in its focus — “accelerating the ‘aha’ moment”. The event brings together people from a number of technology domains, mixes them well, and incubates interesting ideas about high-level technology trends, patterns, practices, applications, and tools. It is a conference that I have been interested in attending, but have never made it. Thankfully, that is about to change.

I will be at Defrag this year, not only as an attendee, but also as a Discussion Catalyst. A what?! Well, essentially, my job will be to facilitate discussion on four divergent, yet related, points of view regarding a single topic. The session that I am leading is on Sharing, Markets, and People. The table below lists the presenters and their points of view on the topic.


Following this series of ten minute presentations, I will facilitate a discussion with the entire audience that examines commonality and conflict between the ideas expressed by the presenter. Think of it as moderating a panel where the entire audience is on stage and actively participating. Fun!

The session should be great, and I am really looking forward to the entire conference. If you are not yet committed to attending Defrag, you should seriously consider doing so. You can still register here. If you will be attending, please be sure to say hello while we are together in Denver for a couple of intellectually stimulating days!


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