Blogs Are Dead, Long Live Blogs!

There is an interesting, but perhaps excessive, post by Paul Boutin on this morning.  Mr. Boutin says that we “amateur” bloggers should give up because our voices are drowned out by profession and commercial blogs.  He suggests that we should use Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook as our self-expression outlets instead of blogs.

My, we have short memories.  Mr. Boutin’s statements remind me of .com retailers during the Internet bubble days.  They claimed that the Net was a new channel that superseded brick and mortar stores as the place to sell to customers.  As we later learned, the Internet is a complementary channel, and the best business model is one that embraces multiple distribution channels.

Most successful non-professional bloggers I know express themselves through several channels and actually engage in cross-channel promotion.  For example, Twitter is used both to broadcast short opinions and to announce (and link to) new posts on a blog site.  This is a far better approach than deserting a well-established channel in favor of a new one.

Success in collaboration, as in retail, is increased when we use multiple channels, or determine the best channel for the situation from a number of options.  Declaring one collaboration channel as passe in favor of newer one is self-defeating.


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