Welcome and thank you for checking out Together, We Can! Those of you know me from my other virtual presence points (mainly Twitter and commenting on others’ blogs), may be asking why?  Why is Larry blogging?  Why now (and not sooner)?  Why should I care?  These are all logical and good questions, so let me address each in turn.

Why is Larry blogging?  The simple answer is because I have something to say!  Until now, I’ve been content to comment on other people’s thoughts, rather than leading the discussion.  That needs to change, as I discovered while participating in IBM’s Innovation Jam 2008 last week.  During that event, I frequently found myself pointing other participants to existing resources (programs, information, and people) that could help them address a problem or opportunity.  Since then, I’ve also noticed that I often play that role as a tweeter and blog commentator.  Clearly, it’s time to step up and be more proactive in sharing what I know and think.

Why now?  I have reached a point where the benefits of being an employee of an organized, legal entity (a corporation) and my ability to collaborate with others to address business opportunities and issues — independent of my employment — have reached equilibrium.  My employer offers some very attractive compensations for my client-facing work, namely a salary and strong benefits package.  However, I no longer rely exclusively on IBM for channels through which I can collaborate with others.  I can work and innovate with, learn from, influence, and lead others without that organizational affiliation, largely thanks to the Internet and social software.  Writing and publishing this blog is a new and important part of my slow but steady move to the Work 2.0 model (much more to come on Work 2.0 in future posts).

Why should you care that I have my own blog?  This one is tougher for me to address.  In fact, I think only you can answer the question.  I hope you will care enough to read my blog because I’ve established a solid reputation as an informed individual, or even a thought leader, on collaboration and the other topics that I will address here.  I also hope that you respect and value my opinions, even if you don’t always agree with them.  Finally, I hope that having one more voice participating in the discussion on collaboration will benefit you and the entire community, just like adding another strong voice to a small chorus can help increase the balance, level of performance, and overall effect of the ensemble.  Together, we can make the case for collaboration as the real driver of success in business and in life.


2 responses to “Why?

  1. Hey Larry – Glad to see you’re blogging! Wonderful!!! Jen

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